Thursday, May 30, 2019


Checkerboard Rails was a "leader and ender" challenge from Bonnie Hunter in 2017.  I had it on my to-do list, and finally began sewing blocks over the past year.  I had lots of 1 1/2 inch leftover strips, so I would cut a stack to use, as I was working on other projects.  I picked up white and black fabric for the checkerboard parts, and cut some strips - which were also sewn leader and ender style.

I decided to do an "on point" setting, so made a plan for a single bed size quilt, using Electric Quilt. Since most of the quilt was made with scrap strips, the software helped me to find out how much fabric I used, as well as helping to plan the borders, and determine the size strips and triangles that were needed.
 It was surprising when I counted my completed blocks that I had enough, and decided to finish the quilt.  I used a dark gray fabric for setting triangles, then used a varied of gray fabric for borders, along with one of leftover coloured strips.

DH helped my choose the binding colour of  solid black from several different choices.

  I stitched a fairly open design to quilt the blocks, and then had fun with the setting triangles and borders, stitching a different design in each.  I used some variegated thread when stitching the borders, and it shows up as tiny pops of colour when the light hits the thread, as well as creating great definition.

This quilt is going to be set aside for my grandson - he is only 4, and still enjoys his special quilts with his favourite characters, and other child-like designs.  I know he will grow out of them and then this will be ready when he wants a more grown-up quilt!

Thanks Bonnie for another fun design!

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