Monday, January 26, 2015


DH helped me pin baste 3 projects yesterday.  The largest is my Grand Illusion Mystery, then a quilt made with the Victory Garden panel and borders, and finally a baby panel, ready to quilt.

I plan to work from smallest to largest, getting my quilting "warmed up" as I go.

DH started yesterday by vacuuming and shampooing our rugs, and washing the floors!  Then he still helped me pin baste - what a guy!

During the morning, I dug out some panels to make cloth books.   I cut out 2 and stitched them together.  Last night I turned them right side out, and pinned them together, ready to be finished.  I'm sure my new grandson will enjoy them when he gets a bit bigger.  All our family are avid readers!

Check out all the creativity shared at Judy's blog, Patchwork Times.


  1. Is DH for hire?! I can't imagine my Mr.Podunk doing anything quilty related, however he can cook and clean.

  2. He's useful as well as decorative? Hang onto him!
    Basting can be sooo tedious. Good to get several projects to that stage, and to have help as well.

  3. My DH doesn't clean or help with quilting, but he wields a very mean grill and loves to do it. :D If he did the floors, I'd probably faint! LOL!

  4. Goodness, you've got yourself a keeper. . . but then I'm sure you already know that ;) My husband will make design suggestions but has no interest in pin basting. . . can't say that I blame him! LOL


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