Friday, July 26, 2013


I have 33 small flower units completed.  30 were from the extra units that I have un-stitched, and remade.  I need 32 for the next two rows, but one set of 10 is set aside for the final two rows!  It probably won't make a difference in the layout, but it might!

I've been working on my scrap split 9-patch quilt - the centre is completed.  I decided to use up some block units that have been piling up for a long time, to make the outer borders.  After rootling around, all I have to say is that I need to make more leftover block quilts!

Today DH and I went to Coburg ON to visit a long lost cousin.  We had lost touch due to our moving, his moving, other family issues, but DH did some serious hunting and was able to reconnect.  We had lunch, talked over old times, got caught up on basic family news, talked about retirement etc.  The time just flew!  We are hoping that he'll be visiting us in Florida this winter too!



  1. Loving the hexies. Glad your DH was able to reconnect with his cousin.

  2. Every week I look at your pile of hexies with longing. Once I'm better I hope to do many more a week - for me that would probably be 10 single hexies - LOL. Would love to see you on the Hexie Friday linking. PS: sounds like you had a fun visit.

  3. You are doing so well with your hexi quilt...the units you unpicked came together quickly as well...great job!


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