Friday, July 19, 2013


I managed to get the next two rows completed.  Due to my mis-reading the pattern, I made 26 of the lozenge units instead of 16!  I decided to salvage them for use in the next blocks.

First, I carefully removed the light blue background units, most of which were used to fill in when attaching the last rows to the quilt top.
 The I reassembled the pieces, using the centre for one small flower, with two leftover hexagons, and using the outer ring to make two more small flowers, adding 2 more centres, and having two more leftover hexagons.
 I've been making two piles of small flower units.  I need 4 more rows of 16 to complete the top, along with two large flower rows. 
I'm saving the duplicate flowers for the final two rows.  I'll have 30 of the 64 small flower units complete when I finally re-make the 10 extra blocks.  I hate un-sewing as much as everyone, but since this is supposed to be a longer term project, it just adds one more step.  Hopefully, I'll be able to use the leftover hexagons before the quilt is completed!


  1. Looking fabulous, Susan. Thanks for linking to Hexie Friday.

  2. A beautiful hexie project. I love to follow you along the way.

  3. It just gets more fantastic the farther along you get. I love watching your progress.

  4. This is coming along nicely...and like you I hate unpicking, but at least you will be able to use all the units when you do...good luck with the unpicking...

  5. Oh what a treasure this is going to be when it's completed. So pretty!

  6. Fantastic.Love your design!


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