Friday, July 12, 2013


This is my progress as of this morning.  The good news is that the units are getting attached quickly - the bad news is that I mis-read the pattern, and made 26 units instead of 16!  I un-stitched the light blue hexies, and have used them as fillers while adding the current two rows.  I will also partly un-stitch the remaining centres and use them to make small "flower" units required for the next two rows.  The next rows switch to another background fabric as well!

This morning my first daylily opened!  I live this peach flower with the rose ring and yellow centre and rippled edges!

As you can see, it is only one of MANY to come!

My two sons and one daughter-in-law are visiting this weekend - they took Thursday afternoon and Friday off work, and are enjoying the Buskers Festival that is in Kingston this weekend.

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  1. I can sympathize with you about 'unstitching'. I've done my share for sure. Your pattern is coming along beautifully.


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