Sunday, June 16, 2013


Fabric used this week  0 yards
Fabric used year to date  125.875 yards
Fabric added this week 0 yards
Fabric added year to date  35.5 yards
Net used 2013  90.375 yards 
Nothing to report this week.   I'm slowly making progress quilting my version of Dawn and Dusk -  pattern by Judy Laquidara found in Quiltmaker Jan/Feb 2013 edition.  Since I'm quilting it on my Juki, it takes lots of muscle power to manipulate this large quilt, so I'm working at it in short sessions.
My physiotherapist added more exercises to my list this week, and each session takes at least an hour -twice a day!  This is also cutting into my quilting time, as I find that my knee is tired by the end of the day, so I do the sets first thing in the morning, and before dinner.  The first set seemed to help, but, so far, the second set have not, and I've been having more knee pain overnight.  I'm keeping up with it and hope to see a change by the time I go for my next appointment.
More rain today, after 2 days of sunshine.  It is so unusual to have so much rain this late in June.  I hope the strawberries are going to be OK this year - we look forward to attending the strawberry social at our friends' church each June.  My oldest son's birthday is on the 21st, and when my parents were alive, we used to head there, pick strawberries and make fresh strawberry ice cream to have with his cake each year.  My in-laws used to come as well, and we'd have a great time at the local strawberry pick-your-own patch!

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