Friday, March 8, 2013


DH and I discovered that it is hard having company when you are recovering from a cold, and I have a "wonky" knee that acts up from time to time, and of course, it acted up the whole time they were visiting.  DH was great, and took them out a day or two, leaving me at home to catch up on mail, bills, a bit of cleaning and cooking, as well as a couple of minutes of sewing.  I was suffering from withdrawal!

I have been working away at the parts for my next project.  I managed to get the 4-patches stitched before our company arrived, and I cut the parts for the half square triangles, stealing a few minute now and again while our visitors were here.

One of our neighbours, who we dog-sit for, has a trip planned to the Florida Keys from Monday to Friday, so sweet Sophia will be staying with us for the week.  We also heard that our elderly neighbour has to go to South Carolina for 2 weeks for tests and treatment, and can't take his small dog.  He leaves on Saturday, and so we are organizing several neighbours to take the dog for a walk, and provide some play-time for it.  Since we have Sophia for the first week, we can't keep it here, and we are not sure how well trained it is.

The annual Variety Night in our community, is this Sunday, and DH had not planned to participate this year.  He got a call on Thursday, asking if he could MC the show.  The person who had planned to do it, as well as sing 2 numbers and various other things, had to head north after a death in her family!  He just returned from the dress rehearsal, so I'm anxious to hear how it went!

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