Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Today we started setting up our quilt show.
A crew headed to the storage lockers, to load up the quilt stands.
The dining room where the boutique will be located looked pretty lonely.....
Our show is held in the local curling rink, and this will be our show floor area - just a few stands in place....

Another load of stands arrives...
By 4pm, there were items waiting to be displayed in the boutique.

The quilt stands were all in place, some with cloth backdrops waiting for the quilts to arrive.

And the first quilt is hung!
By tomorrow night, all the quilts will be in place, and the boutique will be ready for customers.

Our lunchroom crew will have the kitchen stocked with food to make lovely lunches, and over 250 quilts and quilted items will be on display!
Kingston Ontario!

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