Friday, November 22, 2013


I'm trying to get back on track, after heading south for the winter, getting the garden cleaned up, the pantry stocked, and family visiting for 2 weeks. (The time just flew and they were heading home much too soon!)

I managed to complete border number 2 and get it added to the hexagon quilt.  I used the star motif for the corners, and had to play around a bit to get them to fit.  DH says that it looks like Charlie Brown is holding the quilt!

I'm now working on border number 3, and have the first 4 of 17 units completed.  

My son returned north with a stuffy head and scratchy throat.  I came down with the symptoms on Tuesday, and my daughter-in-law's came on Wednesday night.  We are all thankful that it waited until after their visit.  We're all plodding along, and DH is hoping he doesn't catch it, as he and his friend have 5 concerts booked as senior residences in the area during December, and DH does most of the singing!


  1. Your speed just amazes me. And I love love this quilt.

  2. Good Grief Charles Brown it's almost finished.....grin. It's lovely.

  3. So lovely. And I really love it! Not much left here, I can see. Have a nice weekend, sewing of course.

  4. it looks wonderful - amazing what we can do with hexies isn't it

  5. This is looking so good! And your almost finished at the same time! Your fingers must fly when making your hexies! I cannot wait to see this one finished...

  6. Praying it will pass your DH. Hope you are all better soon. Wow - you're almost there Susan! What a wonderful hexie project!


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