Sunday, August 22, 2010

Black Creek Pioneer Village Toronto ON

Yesterday, as part of our August birthday outing we spent the afternoon at Black Creek.  We had taken our kids there when they were young, but hadn't visited for many years.  It is now completely surrounded by city, but the small village area is lovely, with wonderful trees and gardens.  The farm is original, but the rest of the buildings were moved to the village.  It is based on life in the area around the 1860's.  We had lunch here at the Half-way Inn.  It was originally on Kingston Road.
 DH took some pictures of quilts in some of the bedrooms just for me!

We did get a bit damp in an afternoon shower, but had a very interesting visit.  They run lots of special programs at the village, which is open from May 1 until Dec 23 each year.  There was even a wedding there on Saturday.
We ended our afternoon by sharing some birthday cake at my son's apartment to celebrate my daughter-in-law, my younger son and my husband's August birthdays.

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  1. looks like a fun day-I love seeing old quilts displayed like that.


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