Monday, April 4, 2016


I'm in mid pack, which means that there are piles of things everywere.  I brought some "kits" south in the fall with plans to complete them, but totally forgot that I had left several the year before!  I decided to sort through everything, and decide which ones were remaining again this time.I thought that pictures might help me to remember next fall, when I begin packing once more.  These are all baby quilts, mostly using panels I have collected over the years.  
Kit 1 is a narrow panel, and I've left an assortment of green fabric, along with a gold with colourful stars.  The fabric on the right will be binding, and the flannel is white with tiny green dots.
Kit 2 is a baby panel based on Twinkle Little Star.  It is very pastel, and the stripe on the left will be binding, with the baby print flannel will be the backing.
Kit 3 is a panel of calico animal toys, and shares the same binding and backing fabric.
Kit 4 is a panel with toys riding on a train, and the backing is a train print flannel that I've had for some time.  The binding will be made from the primary coloured stripe. 

Kit 5 is a cute panel  with pink gingham backing flannel.  I'll have to hunt for an appropriate binding fabric - I'll check my stash when I return north.

Hopefully I'll remember that they are here waiting to be made when we are ready to return next fall.

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  1. Memories are not what they use to be! Good luck with remembering.


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