Friday, November 26, 2010

My Southern Sewing Room

My sewing table faces the window, so on sunny days, I have a blind rolled down so I can see.  DH cut a hole for the sewing machine and made a box to support it at the correct level.
 Next to my machine I have my thread boxes on the floor, and two sets of plastic drawers to hold my "bits and pieces", topped with bins of strips and more threads.  Since the sun hits these on the back, I use a tablecloth to keep them protected.
 My little TV sits in the corner, so I can watch the sewing and quilting shows on PBS every morning.  It is angled so the sun doesn't shine on the screen.
 My cutting table sits on the inside wall.  I have a lamp attached so I can see to cut accurately, (aging eyes), and I made a cover that I can press on for small seams.  I still use an ironing board for bigger jobs.
The storage drawers are filled with extra small pieces for DH's garden railway.
 I also have a small sitting area so I can visit with friends, or sit and hand sew while watching a movie.  The room was built under the existing carport roof.  It has windows on two sides, so I can usually get a good breeze.  I have a ceiling fan for really humid or hot days too.  I don't have a phone,(we have an answering machine),  so I get few interruptions, except DH asking if I want to go for a bike ride or swim

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  1. I love your sewing room. It seems to be laid out so well. I keep having to move mine when the kids move in and out. Gonna have to put a stop to that some day. Maybe I will get mean and tell them they can't. Well no one living at home right now. Maybe it is time to take my rooom back??


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