Monday, October 4, 2010

Design Wall Monday

The first pieced border is complete, and I'm about half-way along on the second.  I have to work is short segments, as I find my neck muscles start to tense up.....   I am enjoying the challenge, but I'm also looking forward to the next one!
See what everyone else is doing at Judy's blog.


  1. I can see how you have to work in short segments...what a lot of fabulous work. I can't wait to see all the borders on it.

  2. Absolutely stunning! The pieces look so teeny tiny. No wonder your neck gets tense.

  3. The border is absolutely intense and lovely. Your quilt is fab!!

  4. Making a star quilt like this is on my bucket list. I love seeing them so I can study them...BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I don't know if my first comment posted so I am trying again (and if so delete it)...

    I love feathered stars and delectable mountains so this one really speaks to me. And looking back at your previous post, to see that this is a miniature impresses me even more!

    Keep up the good work and love the use of the CT fabric!

  6. Oh many tiny!


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