Thursday, April 29, 2021


 I can't believe it is Thursday already, and I have barely sewn a stitch!

 I spent some time cutting various size circles from Christmas fabric, to make yo-yo tree ornaments, to be donated to the boutique at my guild next year.  I was looking for some mindless hand sewing to do in the evening when DH and I watch TV for a while.  I dug through my craft supplies to find the bits and pieces that I use to piece them together when they are all completed.

I spent lots of time, catching up on email etc., and we had some appointments this week too.  DH spent some time talking to our internet provider, since our cable was cut last fall while they were adding a new line to a neighbour.  Since then, we have shared our next door neighbour's feed, as it was too late in the year to replace and bury the line, and with Zoom meetings so often, along with Skype chats to visit our grandchildren and families, our internet has been very patchy, with week signals etc.  They were supposed to drop off a new modem on Tuesday, but no one showed up.  After calling again, we are supposed to have one dropped off tomorrow (I hope).  They don't start burying lines here until mid-May, so ours probably won't be replaced until then.

I have been busy dealing with lots of mail for my guild, as I write and monitor our website.  It uses Wordpress, and since its latest update, it is taking me 3 times longer to make each post, edit the pages, on top of editing pictures etc.

Today I began cutting 2 inch strips from my scrap bin for a new quilt.  I am trying to use fabric that is "waiting in the wings" for its chance to shine.  I hope to have enough cut to spend time sewing on Saturday at our monthly Zoom sew day, taking time to chat with other members from time to time.

Our younger son and his wife are dealing with the death of her mother, with family members spread from Canada, USA and Russia.  Of course Covid 19 complicates everything, and they are dealing with their grief.  We feel helpless, as under normal circumstances, we would travel to their home, and help out with the kids, cooking, cleaning, etc.  Now that her dad is alone, he will be able to spend time with them under Ontario's covid rules, and will be included in their "bubble" when he is ready to start socializing.

Back to cutting fabric.........

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